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Talk 4 Media is everything media and marketing.  We offer a variety of services such as professional internet radio, audio/video production and distribution specializing in production of your radio and/or podcast show as well as commercials, digital marketing strategies, advertising, agency media buys, event planning & promotion, music festival media partnerships, artist/author/speaker management, seminars, webinars, web development, graphic design.

Talk 4 Media is home to several top-ranked Internet Radio Stations part of Talk 4 Radio, Pipeman Promotions, Talk 4 Podcasting, The Intertainment Network, 4C Marketing, and Your Web Surgeon.

Talk 4 Media is a full-service marketing and entertainment company that provides a variety of strategies in order to customize a program that would be most effective to meet your marketing, PR, and publicity goals.  We can help your business with a variety of both online, digital, and traditional marketing needs as that is our forte.  Although you may be successful with your efforts now, it does not hurt to look at opportunities to accomplish more.  We are not looking to replace what you already have in place.  We are simply looking to add to it.

The bottom line that Tak 4 Media could help you immensely and to what degree is up to you.  We can provide services that will build your business, increase revenue, and generate profits in a way that will be cost-effective for you and not require any additional time or effort on your part.  We can discuss what your needs, goals, and desires are and could put together an appropriate package that fulfills your goals and fits your budget.  We are willing to work with you for a solution that is comfortable and will put a smile on your face at the same time.